Engage your donors like never before by understanding their social side.  Here’s how you can show donors social love, segment by social mentions, send automated emails and tons more using Attentive.ly.

Create a Social Profile for Donors

The first step to better understanding your donors is to find out which of them use social media. With publicly available social data, you go from a simple email address to a rich profile, revealing their social identity. This includes links to their social networks, key demographic, their top trending terms and more. To create a social profile for your donors, just upload a .csv file of their emails into Attentive.ly.


. Cheryl - donor record 1Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 9.39.06 AM

Follow Your Donors on Twitter

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 4.25.06 PMIt might not seem that exciting at first, but following your donors on Twitter can go a long way towards cultivation, not to mention compelling user generated content.

Through Attentive.ly, you can identify which donors are following you on Twitter, and which ones you’re already following.

If a donor isn’t following you, take a moment to follow them and increase the likelihood they’ll follow you back.

Attentive.ly allows you to run reports from various groups in your CRM (like donors), that gives a breakdown of your follow rates.


Show Thanks by Retweeting & Liking Posts From Donors

Social love shows that you care about your financial contributors. Taking the time to simply retweet an on-message tweet or favorite something from donors is an quick win because 1) it’s easy to do, 2) it’s real engagement, and 3) you just reminded them why they gave to you and perhaps, why they should give again.

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project hopeWe’ve never seen so many donors thank us for following them on Twitter – it was very exciting to see that level of donor engagement!”  Project Hope


saved search listKnow What Your Donors Are Talking About

The best place to see if your donors are talking about your mission is by developing a comprehensive list of search terms to monitor. Using Attentive.ly, you’re able to create categories of strategic key terms that correlate with your programs.

Create Saved Searches for Donors. 
Each category, like “Healthcare”, will have key words associated with it such as “obamacare OR aca”. Stay on top of donor mentions be receiving daily automated emails which compiles each donor mentions.

healthcare search rule


Know Your Donors Headlines

Monitor the organic conversations of your donors by running reports for trending hashtags, terms and media. Filter trending hashtags by groups in your CRM such as donors… you’ll be surprised at what they’re up to!



Personalize Your Appeals with Social Listening

Send appeals based on how your donors and prospects are talking about your programs and related issues. This tactic is useful for both retention and acquisition because you’re sending information based on what is important to them today.

climate mentions - email

In the example above, we pulled everyone who mentioned “climate, climate change, extreme weather,” in the past 60 days. As a follow up, you could send a climate related email appeal and expect to see higher conversions because they were actively talking about climate. The email could be sent through Attentive.ly, pushed to your CRM through our integrations or exported as a .csv file.

Automate for Continuous Fundraising

email climate mentions


The reality is that most organizations address a wide variety of topics and juggle many, many campaigns that aren’t always on the front-burner.

Yet, hundreds or thousands of your members may have one of those issues on the top of their mind at any given moment.

Never miss the opportunity to reach out to your members with information about one of your campaigns at the moment they’re most excited about it.

Attentive.ly allows you set-up your own “drip marketing” campaigns that can run in the background of all of your issues areas.

As soon as a member says “global warming,” they’re hearing from you. If this person happens to also be a blogger, journalist, celebrity, or someone else important to you, you lead campaigners will also get an alert and know this person should be engaged with ASAP.




Find Your Influential Donors

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Identify donors with a high Klout scores to improve sharing of your content and to get their social networks involved. Once imported into Attentive.ly, it’s easy to filter donors with a Klout scores over 50 that you can put in a group “Influential Donors” so you can cultivate as ambassadors so to speak.

Once you know who these influential donors are, warm the up with social love before emailing them with a personalized appeal that asks them to share your fundraising campaigns with their networks.



Send a Facebook Ad Based On Social Mentions

Before you send an email appeal, prime your donors and prospects with a Facebook Ad or Promoted Post based on what they talk about on social media. Sticking with the climate theme, create a Saved Search for these terms and use our Facebook integration to create a custom audience for your Ad.

FB ads

You can choose to target just the key mentions or create a lookalike audience that finds people with similar demographics and interests to your donors or prospects.

Need help?  We’d love to introduce you to one of our strategic partners who specialize in fundraising and the Attentive.ly platform. Send us a note at hello @ attentive.ly.