Fundraise Year Round with Social Data

The donor revenue of a nonprofit largely depends on how highly engaged their audience is with their campaigns. The more engaged, the higher donations per-supporter. Retaining donor engagement is, in some ways, more difficult than recruiting new donors. 

Engage  Donors Year Round

A Blackbaud study found that retention rates for nonprofits is only 29.3%. One challenge, all nonprofits face, is organizations often have ten or more campaigns that they deal with over the course of a year, but you only have limited resources. Not everything can be top priority all of the time.

Unfortunately, your donors may only care about one or two of these issues. They might have joined, or signed up because of one particular campaign. Their attention, therefore, commitment and donation levels will reduce once you take the foot off the gas of that campaign. When that issue comes back to front-burner, they’ve already moved to another topic, another passion or issue. Thousands of dollars are being left on the table for each group.

What if you could respond to your donors enthusiasm year round without needing to dedicate resources to every issue all the time? Listen to’s own Roz Lemieux and Wendy Marinaccio Husman of Donordigital in this recorded webinar.

Watch the Webinar

Imagine being able to set up donor engagement campaigns which can be automated according to moments on social media when your supporters mention the relevant keywords. Here’s one example of how we approach year round automated fundraising at

Step by Step: Set Up Automated Email Drip Campaigns

1. Keyword Input. Using the language of the campaigns, you are currently pushing into the background enter the keywords so you know what trigger words your campaigns will be monitoring.

2. Compelling Calls-to-Action The great thing about a campaign triggered by your supporters use of keywords is you aren’t making a hard sell. This is a time sensitive response around their expression of interest. Make the call to action simple, compelling and actionable regardless of the channel, especially if the desired result is a donation.

3. Automate Your Campaigns Once your CTA’s are done, you can set your email campaign to be launched automatically depending on the keywords you are monitoring. With these automations in place, you can sit back and let these back-burner campaigns run themselves. A useful fringe benefit of this activity is even if a supporter doesn’t donate you’ve again put your organization on their mental radar. Each interaction leaves an imprint that helps future engagement activities.

Watch the Webinar drives engagement with your campaigns by turning your existing audience into advocates. Request a Free Demo to find out how you can turn your audience into engaged online advocates.

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