Fall Product Release: Engage Your Top Influencers

This week we’ve released a major update to Attentive.ly which includes making it easier to engage your top influencers and Tweet-at or DM any individual directly on their profile page in Attentive.ly

Below are some of the top highlights, but we also hope you can join us for our 15 minute webinar with a walk-through of the upgrade this week on Thursday, October 8 at 2:00 ET.

​​Engage Your Influencers to Expand Your Reach

A core feature in Attentive.ly has been to identify top influencers on your email list – celebrities, VIPs, and citizen influencers that reach a wide network of people.

Now, you can quickly find those critical influencers to share your message while seeing how many people in their network you could reach.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 12.18.31 PM

Include influencers in your campaigns

As soon as you’ve got a new campaign or action, use the recommendations button to find out what your key influencers are talking about and see who would be the best fit to share your message. Follow them, engage with their top content, and get their attention in just a few minutes.

Create Response Templates

Our expanded recommendations allows you to build a content library of pre-made responses. After identifying your targets, you can quickly apply common text (e.g. “Thanks for the RT!” or “Follow us on Facebook “) to multiple messages, then edit each individually for a personalized touch.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 9.37.53 AM

Respond in App to Individual Contacts on Twitter 

You can Tweet-at or DM any individual directly on their profile page in Attentive.ly; even on the mini-bio that pops up when you click on their name anywhere in the platform.


The newly expanded Activity Log will also show off all of your one-off interactions with contacts, for those times when you need to know exactly what you said to each person!

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 9.12.35 AM

Saved Searches Include Social Data and Social Listening 

For example, instead of having a saved search for the term “education,” you can now have a “Georgia education influencers” saved search.

This will show results not only by keyword, but also based on filters like Klout, age, gender, biographical data, location, CRM history, etc.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 9.22.11 AM

This will make your listening across demographics, groups, and other that much more insightful, and it will make your targeting that much more impactful.

Your Evangelist Term is Now a Special Type of Saved Search.

Instead of just listening for mentions of your organization under Account Settings, you now manage it like any other search under Saved Searches. Segment it out to see what activists, volunteers, donors, the media, and others are saying:


If you have any other questions or would like to set up a training for your team, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Success team (support @ attentive.ly).

Or, if you’re new to Attentive.ly, consider getting your own Free Audience Insights Report or just sign up for a personal demo.

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