New Release Brings NextGen Social Engagement

We’re excited to announce the rollout of extremely powerful upgrades to that will make social insights indispensable to your social engagement with the follow new features:

Really Real-time Results

We’ll serve you the freshest content within seconds of it being posted, so you’ll be one of the first to know when a supporter on your email list posts about you or an issue important to your organization.

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New Saved Search Dashboard

In order to better understand conversations and the people that are talking, we created an entirely new dashboard for your saved search terms. In one place you can see how the terms are performing, which of your influencers are posting and how often, and trends associated with those search terms.

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Create Custom Saved Filters

Do you have combinations of filters you find yourself turning to time and again? You can now save and apply them with a single click. Below are a few sample filters we created on the Contacts tab:

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“Parents”, for example, is filtering on a bio search for mother, father, mom, dad, parent, or parenting.

“VIP Followers” is filtering for VIP influencers who also follow you.

“Twitter Cool Kids” is filtering for contacts who you follow who don’t follow you back.

Those are just some suggestions from us; you can create your own bookmarked filter combos and nickname them however you

Search within a search

Not only can you see results of your saved searches, but you can also perform a secondary search that will let you find important keywords, hashtags, or mentions included in those original posts. For example, if you want to know how people are talking about veterans in relation to the election, just search for “veterans” while looking at your 2016 election saved search results. How cool is that!

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See Results with a “Master” Search 

In addition to trending terms and hashtags for a specific search, you can also view trends across all of your saved searches in one dashboard. Create segmentation or engagement rules across your searches. For example, get a daily digest in your inbox each morning of posts by your most influential donors for anything they post that’s important to you, not just one specific keyword or hashtag.

Prospect with Global Tweets

Not only are we able to help you listen to your list, but now you can filter and respond to everyone (i.e globally) talking about your search terms! Now you can engage potentially new supporters who are talking about your terms.

Take it a step further and filter by reach to engage the most socially connected prospects who could share your message, follow you, or get involved with your call to action.

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We’ve also made it easy to scale your engagement by applying new saved snippets to Global Tweets.

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Automated Tagging of Contacts 

Each contact is tagged every time they use a saved search that talks about your work. This means you no longer need to manually tag your talkers for future engagement or email segmentation. save image

Want to engage your most frequent posters?
Our new saved search lets you find your avid social posters by using our new to filter contacts. This shows what saved searches they’ve used and how many times

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Want to ramp up your social engagement using Request a free Social Insights Report or demo so you never miss an opportunity to connect with your most active supporters.

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