Turn Your Influencers into Advocates

Expand Your reach
Our research shows that the network-reach of the top 5% of influencers on your email list will, on average, reach 68x as many people as your entire email list.
Join our strategy partner, Peter Genuardi, CEO of Strength In Members and Attentive.ly Roz Lemieux, in this recorded webinar as they explain how to become an effective network-based practitioner — so that you can understand and implement this entirely new way of thinking.
What’s inside:
  1. Webinars recording & deck
  2. Top take aways & recap
  3. Related blog articles

You’ll learn how to:

  • How to identify and target your own influencers so you can build and measure promotions that drive engagement across marketing channels.
  • What “socially sourced public data” really means and how ┬áto leverage 3rd party appends.
  • How to define a lifecycle based on supporter and network attributes.