Expand Your Network Reach & Influencer Engagement

Oprah tells the world she loves your nonprofit. The First Lady, Michelle Obama, take up your cause on The View. Ashton Kutcher tells Twitter that he’s donated to your organization.’ What happens next?


Play out each scenario. For each and every one it turns out well for the nonprofit in question. All of these are dream, knock em’ out of the park scenarios, which if they happened by accident – which is sometimes the case – would be like having a prayer answered.

The best way for a power influencer to find and promote your cause is to ensure it isn’t an accident at all. There is no trick to influencer engagement. There’s just sincerity, hard work and the secret sauce of integrating your email file with social data so you know who has network reach

‘Influencers’ – which includes but isn’t limited to the Oprah’s, Obamas and Kutchers of the world – means anyone who commands the attention of an audience. Top bloggers, power users on Pinterest, those with hundreds of thousands or millions of followers on Twitter, or YouTube; all key influencers in any marketing strategy.


Seek & Reach Out

This is all about relationship building. The top 5% of people in any CRM have an average reach 68x wider than the entire list. With Attentive.ly you can find these influencers. Not only that, but on average everyone in your database is connected to 120 others on social networks – giving your fan base a potential multiplier of 120. Potentially, an audience of 40 million can be achieved through a group of 4000 on Twitter all with Klout scores of 40 or more.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 3.43.56 PM

The next step is reaching out to this audience.

Be genuine and human. No sales pitch needed. Engage them on social networks. Send them tailored emails. Build content strategies around specific segments. Target them with special calls to action.

We call this the Network-Centric approach, which means leveraging the many tiny interconnected networks we already have access to. We already know that supporters often rely on social proof, the validation of others, when considering a who to donate or volunteer with. This method allows us to target content and conduct our outreach accordingly, moving within the social flow of conversations, while supporting all this within our email campaigns.

You don’t need Ashton Kutcher: you need to work with the influencers who already know your nonprofit. The Network-Centric approach is the key to unlocking their support.

Learn how to unlock this power now: Download the SlideShare here, or watch a video of the webinar. Get the Action Guide here: www.strengthinmembers.com/guide

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