Did you know the most effective type of marketing is word of mouth because it’s the most trusted source? Communications that come from your own passionate influencers can drive powerful action. These are the people who can help share your content and massively extend your network reach. 

Cheryl Contee of Fission, and Attentive.ly’s Roz Lemieux, share actionable ideas of how you can identify, approach and engage your existing influencers so you can launch promotions that drive engagement across your marketing channels.

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Here’s a sneak preview of their tips:

1. Nonprofits can massively increase their reach through the social networks of their supporters. At Attentive.ly we found the average network reach of the 90 clients we evaluated was 40M.

2. Influencers hold the greatest power to share content and be seen, which is why its so critical to know how to engage with them and get them to share a nonprofit’s message. For example, we found that the top 5% of influencers reach 85% of your entire network.

3. While you can’t reach all your influencers, if you only reach 1%, you still win big and reach far more than you could otherwise. 1% response rate, or 36 respondents, reaches 338K. This is duable if you know who these people are and have a plan of action. With some extra effort, and most likely an influencer program, a 10% response rate of your top influencers means you’d reach 3.3M with only 360 people taking action.

4.  The best place to identify your influencers is in your database. Our basic formula for Influencers is Klout + Connections + Relevancy + Prior Interaction = Influencer.

5.  According to the WOMMA, an Influencee is a person or group of people who change their opinion or behavior as a result of exposure to new information. While we agree with their definition, to make things simple, we will stick to three main categories which you can build from: VIPs, Professionals and Citizens.

6. We love the Citizen influencer group because they are often overlooked, yet constitute a powerful force as a group. From a broad marketing perspective, anyone who isn’t a celebrity or professional, is a Citizen influencer, though with fewer connections. This generally means current supporters (those in your email lists) who have 500+ social media connections with 40 Klout score.

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