Mobilize Your Everyday Ambassadors

Today, every individual is an agent of change who can leverage power through their social networks. Consider that 600,000+ petitions were created on in 2015, crowdfunding exploded into a $35 billion per year industry and the creation of citizen powered movements has played an enormous role in bringing issues to the forefront.

Because people are more connected and empowered than ever before, organizations have a tremendous opportunity to boost their outreach and use this power in a new way.

How to Mobilize Your Everyday Ambassadors

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The power of one in a digital age

As social networks mature, individuals play an increasingly powerful role in mobilizing their own niche communities. Think nurse by day, activist by night, modern movement building is fueled by the networked individual who shares, engages, and ultimately mobilizes their own social networks around a their passion. If social influencers have already signed up to get involved with your organization, that passion is you!


Influencers are better messengers

One reason influencer engagement is effective is because people like to get information from friends and family because they trust them. For example, the Georgetown Digital Persuasion Study reports that 65% find out about a cause through their friends and family, while 68% were prompted to donate after engaging with a cause on social media. It’s not that your organization isn’t trustworthy, but people believe their friends over institutions.

It’s a P2P world 

Many of your supporters, especially millennials, don’t just want to sign a petition or write a check (just kidding) – they want to create the petition and rally their friends around their own event and message. Engagement means active participation in making a unique impact using their social networks. They want to contribute, in their own way, on their own time with help from your organization. With end of year fundraising around the corner, what better time to amplify your  #GivingTuesday campaign with social ambassadors.


Give people the keys, but provide the roadmap

We’re great at asking supporters to take action, but we usually don’t show them how to do it without us. In addition to providing your volunteers and social media influencers with campaign toolkits with images and messaging, think about offering regular trainings to help the make a greater impact.


Collective identity leads to collective action

You need people power to win your campaign and achieve your mission. The power of bringing people together isn’t just about education or fundraising around an event, but also showing them the social proof so they’re inspired to take on more responsibility. When you provide a communication infrastructure for others to share, collaborate, lead, and mirror your mission, that collective identity will lead to collective action.

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