5 Ways to Engage Donors Before End of Year Fundraising

With end of year fundraising in full swing, the task at hand for fundraisers in November is to remind your donors why they gave in the first place. The same goes with potential donors. You want to remind them why they got involved with your organization and why the next step is to make a donation.

Below are some powerful engagement tips that could bring you in a few extra bucks and increase your retention rate in 2016. We’ve even thrown in 5 free bonus offers to get you started (that are of course, cat approved).


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1. Send a Facebook Ad Before Your Appeal

There’s a growing body of research that suggests that fundraising emails are more successful when prospects have just been engaged by the organization through other channels, like Facebook ads, a few days before the ask.

Cross-channel A/B tests conducted by Blue State Digital and Trilogy Interactive in the 2014 cycle found that exposing past donors to promoted posts on Facebook that highlight an organization’s recent work — in the days preceding an email-driven donation solicitation — dramatically increases the number of donors and total funds raised.

How: Try out what worked for BSD and Trilogy by targeting prospects with a Facebook ad about your good work a few days prior to an email gift request.

To do this, create a custom audience in Facebook by uploading a .CSV file of your donors and prospects, then basically send them your ad. We also suggest sending the ad to a look-a-like audience for a broader reach.

In Attentive.ly, create a group for donors and prospects by using the integrations we have with leading CRMs, or just upload .CSV files. Then, using our integration with Facebook, push those groups into a Custom Audience in Facebook.

Watch the recording, or review the deck on Slideshare, of our webinar with founder Roz Lemieux and CEO of StrengthInMembers, Peter Genuardi.

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2. Send a Facebook Ad Based On Social Mentions

Prime the pump with donors and prospects by sending them a Facebook ad based on what they talk about on social media.

For example, if you’re an organization working on fair pay and women’s health issues, you’d want to find which supporters were talking about terms in the last six months that connect back to your programs like “women’s health,” “sick days,” or “equal pay”.

How: It’s super easy to find people talking about your work using Attentive.ly. Just create search terms that relate to your programs, or whatever you’re going to ask people to fund. Then, put those people into a group called something like “equal pay mentions.” Use our Facebook integration to create a custom audience for your ad and let Facebook do the rest.

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3. Do the Same on Twitter

While you’re at it, try the same approach by uploading a .CSV file of your donors and prospects to Twitter. Again, the goal isn’t to solicit money, but remind donors about your great work.

4. Follow Your Donors on Twitter

Show interest in your donors by following them on Twitter before you ask them for another gift. If you’re like most groups, finding this information is doable, but a hassle with many systems. Ideally, you should be able to run a report that shows which donors you follow and which donors follow you like the one below.

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How: If you’re not using a third party tool, it’s a matter of finding your donors on Twitter, then adding them to a private list to manage. Using Attentive.ly, you can push your donor groups from your CRM or upload through a .CSV file to run a report like the one below.

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5. Show Thanks by Retweeting & Favoriting Donors

Social love shows you care, that you’re listening, and that your financial contributors are part of your community. Simply retweeting or favoriting a donor is an easy win because 1) it’s easy to do, 2) it’s real engagement, and 3) you just reminded them why they gave to you and perhaps, why they should give again.

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How: In Twitter, spend 10 minutes each day monitoring your donor list for opportunities. Using Attentive.ly, create a group of donors to monitor by key search terms, trending hashtags and term. Make sure to create an automated email notification like the one above, whenever a donor mentions a keyword, clicks on an action link, or other relevant piece of content.

BONUS! Retain Your Donors Year Round

The most important part of fundraising is making sure you keep these donors (especially the new ones!) coming back for more. Donor revenue often depends on how engaged people are with the programs they’re funding. The more engaged, the higher donations per-supporter.

Join our Webinar with Blue State Digital and Fission Strategy – Thursday, Nov 5 at 2pm ET

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Attentive.ly drives engagement with your campaigns by turning quiet supporters into vocal advocates.

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