Engage Influencers One on One: Amplify Content Sharing

Not all supporters or fans are created equal. Some need to be treat like VIPs simply because, for marketing purposes, they have the ability to reach a wider audience.

Influencers can amplify your message and marketing campaigns. Spreading your content further and delivering you a – normally – free additional promotional channel. Here’s how you can encourage wider content sharing when working with influencers.

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1. Identify. First, find out who they are and how / when / why they have previously interacted with your brand or organization. With Attentively you can identify high Klout scores, people with a large personal fan base themselves, who are active on social networks and reflect some of your own values.

2. Keywords. Next, look at the keywords they use. Are they talking about your brand / programs or service? Do they take an interest in what your organization is passionate about? Focusing on the wrong influencers will be a waste of time and resources. Zero in on those who appear likely to take a relevant and timely interest in your organization if you were to make contact with them.

3. Personalized Content. Not all fans or supporters are created equal, and the same can be said of content. What works for most people may not work for your VIP’s. Take more time to develop exclusive content, even events, or activities which will engage them – on the understanding that this is part of a promotional campaign.

4. Direct Engagement. When it comes to social media, caring is sharing (Tweet this). On the other hand, only sharing (not showing any care or attention for your fans – or friends – on social networks) has a negative impact on relationships.

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This is based on research conducted by Western Illinois University Professor, Bree McEwan, into behaviours on social networks. Her research found that, “Individuals who share frequently without being responsive to their Facebook connections may risk aggravating these friends.” The same rules apply to brands, especially when engaging with influencers.

Researchers at Oxford, Harvard and the University of Limerick (Ireland), all found that actions friends, family, and influencers on social networks (e.g. verified accounts people follow but aren’t necessarily friends with) far outweigh the value of online research when it comes to making spending decisions. Cultivating strong relationships with influencers will have an amplified impact when it comes to content sharing and conversions, given their pre-existing large audience.

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