After investing so heavily in converting someone into a donor in the first place, it’s important to retain their support–yet retention of online donors can be surprisingly low, especially for first-time donors. In the webinar recording and deck below, you’ll learn from and Mal Warwick | Donordigital how to:

  • Create a triggered email series to receive a second gift (hopefully a monthly gift!)
  • Reactivate lapsed single gift donors and lapsed sustainers
  • Launch an online renewal campaign
  • Segment appeals based on social mentions

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Here’s a sneak preview of their tips:
1. Start with Stewardship. While this is the most important step, it’s actually where most people get lost. Read our blog to see if you’re doing the basics.2. The best time to ask for a SUSTAINER donation is right after someone has joined as a single gift donor. It feels strange to ask for an additional gift right away, but it works because it’s when donors are motivated and have your attention. Wendy suggests sending a triggered stewardship series to new donors with a sustainer ask within 3 weeks of a single gift.

3. Send appeals based on how donors talk about your campaigns on social. Roz suggests that in addition to sending a triggered email series, consider sending automated emails based on social mentions.

After this webinar, you’ll feel empowered to shift your existing fundraising strategy with actionable ideas, knowledge of what’s working for others, and a better understanding of the best tools to get the job done.