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Getting traction on Facebook isn’t easy. For nonprofits, brands, media content producers, and politicians, whether it’s organic or through ads, getting noticed on the world’s most populous social network is getting more and more difficult.


When EdgeRank was first introduced in 2011 it only had three factors which influenced whether users saw a story in the News Feed. Now the algorithms Facebook uses has over 100,000 factors which impact what people see every time they check Facebook.

Not only that but there are more people than ever (currently 1.35 billion) and over 54 million pages, with most people connected to at least 80 each. Merely getting seen, never mind achieving much engagement, clicks or conversions is enough of a challenge.

Want to reach your audience through method with higher engagement? Like email, for example. Did you realise 9 out of 10 opt-in emails are often ignored? The general public is saturated with marketing. They use Facebook to interact with friends and content they care about. The challenge is about breaking through the noise barrier.

Which is why we, along with our friends, Strength in Members, created this Free Quick Guide: “Create the Perfect Facebook Ad From Real-time Social Listening.”

Launch a Facebook Ad campaign which is well-timed (sent when your target audience is thinking / talking about a particular subject) and you’ll get a 5x higher response rate. Make the message personal and it will get a 6x higher response rate. Influence the influencers – those who make up the top 5 percentile of your database – and they can shout about what you do to an audience 68x larger than the one you can contact directly.

All of this is possible with well-timed, personalised and automated Facebook Ads based on social listening. Our Free Quick Guide is a practical resource for creating the perfect Facebook Ad campaign using real-time social data. With social listening, you can quickly design ads that will catch the attention of the right segments of your audience with the right message at the right time.

Download now, for free, to get started on our handy, easy to use 8-step guide for launching the perfect high converting Facebook Ad campaign.

Attentive.ly is a social marketing platform that drives engagement with your digital campaigns by turning your existing audience into advocates.

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