Keeping Your Donors Engaged for the Long-Haul

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Last week, Blue State Digital, Fission Strategy and hosted a webinar on best practices and insights on donor engagement across digital channels. Here are a few key takeaways:

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1. Give donors what they want

In order to sustain and grow your donor base, it’s imperative to make your donor experience responsive and enjoyable. They’re more than an ATM — they’re your friends and partners and should be treated and responded to as such.

This means providing moments of reprieve and surprise and delight, targeting them with the appropriate asks, and testing and adapting your communications to ensure you’re responding to donor behavior.

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2. Make the donor experience unique and personal

Don’t forget that you’re competing with every other organization, shopping site, and ‘viral’ piece of content that’s in your donors’ newsfeeds and inboxes.

So be yourself, be unique, and give them memorable experiences that keeps them coming back.

For BSD Tools client, Heifer International, this means embracing the lovable and joyful nature of the animals that are distributed around the world as a way to lift people out of poverty through unique content and storytelling.

What is your differentiating factor and how are you telling that story?

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3. Make the donor experience relevant and customized

Wherever you can, ensure that you’re getting the right content to the right people at the right time using the tools at your disposal.

This means paying attention to your donor’s social engagement and behavior through tools like (and responding accordingly), and leveraging the customization and segmentation features in the BSD Tools.

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Watch the Webinar Recording

For more information on your donors’ social presence, download your custom audience insights report from here.

You can access the slides here for future reference.

And let us know if you want to speak with a team member about additional BSD Tools features we’re offering for year-end fundraising.

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