About Attentively

Attentive.ly enables modern marketing teams to leverage rich social behavior data to personalize messaging and offers to their customers — for up to 9x campaign conversion.

Attentive.ly has been used by over 125 brands, companies and organizations to identify 6 million+ influencers, including the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Celebrity Cruises and Burson-Marsteller.

Our team is distributed all over the US… from Boston to Philly, DC to Atlanta, Missoula to Sausalito. We're always looking for great people to join our team. Think you'd be a good fit? Get in touch.

The Problem

Modern marketers understand that the "spray and pray" approach to email marketing is no longer working: we've seen a 30% decline in response rates over the last 5 years. Consumers expect brands to personalize messaging and offers — 75% would even give up a degree of personal information to enable it — yet 70% of brands still send generic blast emails. The advanced marketers using today's social CRM and marketing automation tools are doing the best they can — but those tools provide too narrow of a view of the customer for accurate targeting. Most personalization is based on  behavior (RFM analysis) or context-less "click data".  

Our Solution

Attentively's cloud-based application can be used as a standalone tool, but also integrates seamlessly with dozens of CRM and ESP systems. In fact, Attentive.ly recently released its application on the Eloqua platform, allowing users to funnel free-flowing customer engagement into structured data fields.

Attentive.ly is the first platform to truly integrate enterprise “listening” tools with real-time marketing automation to accurately target key Influencers and brand advocates. This seamless software delivers analytics based on user content rather than static profiles, which allows marketers to trigger personalized messages across email and social media channels – significantly boosting response results.

Out of basic contact info, Attentively is able to produce content-rich user profiles. These show not only what an individual customer is interested in — in her own words — but also where her interests overlap the brand's current marketing efforts. These social profiles are especially powerful for identifying and engaging a brand's top influencers: the customers that can drive conversations and make-or-break a brand's reputation online.

How It Works

Attentively enables companies to send THE RIGHT MESSAGE, AT THE RIGHT TIME, TO THE RIGHT PERSON. We start with your email list – since those are the customers and leads that drive more than half of your sales. We run a social match on >100 social networks. This is where the big data comes in: we track, store, and analyze all their public posts on multiple social networks. Then our marketing automation tools let you automate email and social messaging, ads, segmentation, and scoring based on their interests and activities.

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