EVENT: Create Influencer Driven Campaigns (June, 9. DC)

Influencers hold power. When people share ideas on social media and people respond, that’s influence. When influence is organized, that’s an influencer driven campaign.

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While everyone has some influence, the key is to understand which of your existing supporters have the MOST social currency. Who are the folks you should spend your limited time cultivating so you can persuade and inspire more powerfully?

Fission and Attentive.ly invite you to join our lunch event in Washington, D.C. to learn why leveraging the social power of your network is a game changer and exactly how you can do this.

When: Tuesday, June 9. 12-1pm ET
Where: Impact Hub. Washington, D.C.
Who: Fission. Attentive.ly. Impact Hub DC
What: A delicious lunch will be provided during our presentation “Create Influencer Driven Campaigns.” Save your seat here >>

In this live presentation, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify your existing influencers Who are the folks you should spend your limited time cultivating so you can persuade and inspire more powerfully?
  • What motivates and inspires influencers every time. We’ll show you how social data combined with social listening leads to higher influencer engagement through greater personalization and targeting.
  • How to approach influencers and the best calls to action. Once they’ve been identified, the ask for engagement is the most critical piece to get an influencer on board with your campaign. We’ll show you what works!
  • How to find influencers in Attentive.ly. We’ll show you how to find influencers in Attentive.ly by looking at reach, relevancy and prior Interactions. Stick around for any questions you have about using Attentive.ly too!

Join Austen Levihn-Coon of Fission, Libby Tipson and Arite Patel of Attentive.ly, as they share actionable ideas of how you can identify, approach and engage your existing influencers so you drive engagement with your content.

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As message catalysts, influencers hold the greatest power to share content and be seen, which is why it’s so critical to know how to engage with them and get them to share your message. For example, we found that the top 5% of influencers reach 85% of your entire network. That’s just one reason we’re calling influencers “game changers”.

While influencer a program is indeed an investment, the right influencers, whether a celebrity, professional or citizen advocate, can be a real game changer; a human starting gun for your people powered marketing. The investment to win the support of influencers is in the planning and content stage of such a strategy, which is what our event “Create Influencer Driven Campaigns” is all about. It’s for nonprofits and causes who want to inspire their supporters, drive organic engagement and generate higher returns from their outreach efforts.

Save your seat here >>

A big thanks to our sponsor, the Impact HUB DC!


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