Data Driven Technology is Shaping The Future of Marketing

The basic principles of marketing haven’t changed for decades, but how marketing professionals and CMO’s work is being profoundly changed due to the changing nature of how customers interact and engage with businesses online. Technology, particularly the Internet, smartphones, tablets, apps and social networks, has created marketing channels which didn’t exist a decade ago. 

This infographic by the  New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) shows how modern marketing teams are adapting to these changes, so that they are capable of anticipating what customers want before trends emerge.

In particular, it is worth noting that top-performing companies are already proactively shaping the digital customer experience. Over half of marketing professionals plan on using data to determine customer needs. The more data a company has on its customers the better prepared you can be when creating a personalized customer-focused marketing campaigns. An ROI of 600% was achieved by First Tennessee Bank when they employed predictive analytics to target offers to customers more strategically. 

This all means that the CMO of the future will be one who well versed in data driven analysis of customers’ needs and how they engage with them online. For more information, check out this great infographic from NJIT: 

NJIT New Jersey Institute of Technology – Online MBA

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