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Save the Children Action Network

A quick look at demonstrated that our supporters were fired up about the refugee ban. As a response, we accelerated how our follow up which resulted in our most successful email campaign ever because it was timely and the tone resonated with our supporters.

Diana Onken, Director for Mobilization

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The Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association

“ was a key component in our new efforts around social media ambassadors, remote engagement, and fundraising. We will use these 2016 numbers and what we learned from our campaigns to improve our fundraising efforts on social media in 2017.”

Dexter Patterson, Social & Digital Media Specialist

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Influencers Play Critical Role in Giving Day Campaign

No Kid Hungry leveraged to find and engage their existing social media influencers around #GivingTuesday. Their social ambassadors responded by making No Kid Hungry the most mentioned Twitter account on #GivingTuesday! In doing so they:

• Reached 60 million people
• Raised $30,000 through social media on Giving Tuesday
• Received 1,800 donations, 47% of those coming from brand new donors

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Susan G. Komen

In 2014, with the help of, the Susan G. Komen 3-Day® identified 27 social media influencers and asked them to spread the word about registering to walk in their own words and through their own social media channels. By providing them with a registration incentive code, over five months, those influencers recruited 105 additional participants, who raised more than $200,000.

American Rivers

By sending automated emails when our supporters mentioned “grand canyon” or “national parks”, American Rivers gained 2,500 new petition signers with an impressive 24% petition signature conversion rate!

Jeff Weidner, Director of Online Strategy.

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American Friends Service Committee

We had a successful Google Hangout today with 106 RSVPs and 86 people who tuned in—and the majority of the publicity was done on Twitter via automations! I am very pleased about having Attentively and being able to respond to our followers interests in a timely way.

Sarah Hughes, Social Media Specialist.

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Momsrising_ Momsrising


We used as our high-tech secret weapon for old-school organizing. We searched our supporters’ Tweets and Facebook posts to find out who really cared about environmental health. We then asked those members to commit to 3 Tweets per day or 1 Facebook post per day during the campaign. We had 100% conversion.

Sarah Francis, Campaign Director.

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25% of Influencers Emailed Joined Twitter Storm

The Communication Worker of America wanted to back up striking workers for the #VerizonStrike campaign on Twitter. By matching their email file with social data, they found 300 supporters who had taken past actions around the campaign and who were also socially influential. By emailing these 300 influencers with the CTA to join their Twitter storm, over 70 responded (and Tweeted), resulting in an amazing 25% conversion rate.


Representative Takano

Social listening allowed the Congressman Takano to respond personally on Twitter and Facebook when constituents talked about the announcement of his transportation plan.

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One Campaign

We increased our social connects by 10,000 members and had almost 1,000 tweets for their Valentine’s Day AID campaign. provided ONE with a great service of discovering and connecting with our most engaged members on Facebook and Twitter.

Garth Moore, U.S. Digital Director.

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