A few days after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, the AFSC, a Quaker nonprofit organization which promotes an end to discrimination, noticed a significant shift in focus on social media to Ferguson.

Using Attentive.ly, they could see that terms like “police” and “black men” started trending, not just nationally, but amongst many of their supporters.

In response, the communications team hosted a Google Hangout, as part of their reaction to the events in Ferguson.  It was scheduled just six days after the Attorney General Eric Holder visited Ferguson, and five after the National Guard were withdrawn. Tensions were high.

Who is talking about Ferguson?

In order to see which supporters were talking about Ferguson, AFSC created a “search term” to see exactly who was talking about Ferguson on Facebook and Twitter. They immediately followed those supporters on Twitter.


Invite everyone talking about Ferguson to a Google Hangout

Next, they created an automated DM that invited supporters who mentioned “Mike Brown,” “police” or “Ferguson” on social to the Hangout.

DM invite - Ferguson

They also included the following campaign tactics:

√  Organizational statement published and promoted via social.
√  Facebook promoted posts (total budget: $80), to advertise Hangout and raise funds for St. Louis program expansion.
√  Two reminder emails sent, followed by Hangout

The Metrics:

  • Raised: 74 donations with the average donation of $42. Four of those gifts came from Facebook advertising.
  • Emails: 104,336 sent, 13% open rate, 1% click through rate
  • Statements (combined): 1,842 pageviews (out of 2,977 daily web visitors), 24,992 views on Facebook, 874 Facebook likes, 256 shares on Facebook
  • Google Hangout: 110 RSVP’s, 86 participated

Results – Record high Google Hangout turnout and 74 donations!

Using attentive.ly allowed the AFSC to successfully respond in real time to the wishes of their members and a wider audience to help people in Ferguson. The result was an record high Google Hangout turnout and 74 donations! More importantly, they seized the opportunity to talk about solutions around discrimination.

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