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American Rivers

“By sending automated emails when our supporters mentioned “grand canyon” or “national parks”, American Rivers gained 2,500 new petition signers with an impressive 24% petition signature conversion rate!” Jeff Weidner, Director of Online Strategy. 
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American Friends Service Committee

“We had a successful Google Hangout today with 106 RSVPs and 86 people who tuned in—and the majority of the publicity was done on Twitter via automations! I am very pleased about having Attentively and being able to respond to our followers interests in a timely way.”
Sarah Hughes, Social Media Specialist. 
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“We used as our high-tech secret weapon for old-school organizing. We searched our supporters’ Tweets and Facebook posts to find out who really cared about environmental health. We then asked those members to commit to 3 Tweets per day or 1 Facebook post per day during the campaign. We had 100% conversion.” Sarah Francis, Campaign Director. 
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Representative Takano

Social listening allowed the Congressman Takano to respond personally on Twitter and Facebook when constituents talked about the announcement of his transportation plan. 
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One Campaign

We increased our social connects by 10,000 members and had almost 1,000 tweets for their Valentine’s Day AID campaign. provided ONE with a great service of discovering and connecting with our most engaged members on Facebook and Twitter. Garth Moore, U.S. Digital Director. 
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