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75% of customers want brands to personalize messaging and offers…Yet 70% of brands don't do it. Why? Until now, it's been hard and customer "interests" data has been scanty. Attentively makes targeting your customers with personalized messages they're 9x more likely to click-through easy. Plug your CRM into Attentively and we'll monitor your customers' behavior across the social web — targeting the right people with the right message at the right time for maximum campaign conversion. You'll get:

  • Customer Insights: Find out what your customers care about enough to talk about on their own time. Track product and competitor mentions. 
  • Email List Segmentation: Our "Smart Segments" use advanced social data analytics to segment your list based on their interests. Target for up to 9x click-through and 330% increased revenue per email. 
  • Influencer Engagement: Do you know which of your customers has the power to drive perception of your brand online? floats up influencers and advocates whose social posts can drive clicks… and sales.
  • Real-time Marketing: allows you to automate email campaigns, social media engagement, and list-segmentation based on what customers are saying on social media in real-time.

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