1. Who is Blackbaud?
Serving the worldwide philanthropic community for 35 years, Blackbaud (NASDAQ: BLKB) combines innovative software, services and expertise to help organizations achieve their missions. Blackbaud works in over 60 countries to power the passion of approximately 35,000 customers, including nonprofits, K-12 private and higher education institutions, healthcare organizations, corporations, foundations, and other charitable giving entities.

The company offers a full spectrum of cloud and on premise solutions, as well as a resource network that empowers and connects organizations of all sizes. Blackbaud’s portfolio of software and services supports nonprofit fundraising and relationship management, eMarketing, advocacy, accounting, payments and analytics, as well as grant management, corporate social responsibility, and education. Organizations use Blackbaud technology to raise, invest, manage and award more than $100 billion each year.

Recognized as a top company, Blackbaud is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina and has operations in the United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit www.blackbaud.com.

2. What does the acquisition mean for the two companies?
With a goal of “turning supporters into vocal advocates,” the Attentive.ly platform already integrates into Blackbaud’s Luminate OnlineTM allowing organizations to see conversations in social media, organically grow campaigns and provide a new level of social engagement and connectivity.

CEO and Co-Founder of Attentive.ly, Rosalyn Lemieux will join Blackbaud along with all the company’s current employees. Rosalyn will be based in Atlanta, with a team of remote employees working across the United States. They will continue under Rosalyn’s leadership to serve our joint customers and to provide innovative social marketing tools to nonprofits around the world.

3. How do customers of Attentive.ly and Blackbaud benefit from this acquisition?
Attentive.ly has already been a partner of Blackbaud’s, working to help expand services to the philanthropic community. The first step after acquisition will be enhancing the integration of Attentive.ly into the current Blackbaud Luminate OnlineTM digital marketing suite. Strengthening our digital marketing tools while also working to add Attentive.ly into our fundraising and relationship management tools will enable a new level of social matching, listening and interaction that will substantially enhance our customer’s fundraising and advocacy campaigns.

More specifically, by combining Attentive.ly’s innovative software for social engagement with solutions for digital marketing, fundraising and engagement, we will soon be able to offer customers:

  • Plug and play cloud tools to enable social listening by finding relevant conversations already happening on social channels
  • Improved engagement and conversion with actionable social behavior data integrated into Luminate Online
  • An enriched supporter experience with greater cross-channel engagement and connectivity
  • Social influencer engagement to amplify their cause, including advocacy, fundraising and
    awareness-building campaigns

4. What changes can I expect with Attentive.ly – how it works now versus after the acquisition?
We are releasing our V3.0 as planned with faster, more analytics. You should expect continued innovation and if you are already a Blackbaud customer you’ll have even better integration over time.

5. For non LO customers, will you continue to support my integration?
Yes, Attentive.ly will continue to be offered as a stand-alone service and we’ll continue to support our current platform integrations. We’ll continue to roll out product features and improvements and provide the same great service you’re used to from us.

6. What happens to my data – is it still private? What will Blackbaud do with my information?
Yes, Blackbaud is committed to protecting your data and your supporters’ privacy in accordance with applicable law and specific contractual commitments. All confidentiality commitments set forth in your current agreements with Attentive.ly remain in force. Specifically, Blackbaud will not publish, disclose, or otherwise divulge your confidential information without your prior written consent.

7. As a current Attentive.ly customer, who do I contact if I have questions?
Any customer questions / existing customers – should go to: sam@attentive.ly
Any new opportunities should go to: candace@attentive.ly
Any partner / agency questions should go to: roz@attentive.ly
Anything else? Should go to: hello@attentive.ly