Beyond Facebook and Twitter: Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr

The online presence of nonprofits is expanding along with social media platforms. Today we are going to look into alternative actions – campaigns that have run and run well on the non-major sites. So we’re looking at Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram.

Nonprofits on Pinterest

Pinterest is very exciting because everything you post is clickable, and every infographic or picture can lead your audience back to your website. This also means you can expand your audience with re-pins and with helpful boards – you can become a trustworthy source of information.

We will share with you nonprofits that have been using Pinterest, as well as a few tips on how to follow their steps to Pinterest stardom.

1. Relax and Show Some Personality

Pinterest is a great location for your audience to peak inside the operations and see who’s running the show. Add images of your employees working hard and having fun, or your volunteers and supporters being their fantastic selves. Create a board that is chock full of photo and video posts that can make a human connection.

2. Be A Trustworthy Source of Information

Share your knowledge and demonstrate that you really are an expert in your field. Create a board that shares all the knowledge your nonprofit has to offer. Also repin and share blog posts from other sites – other reliable sources can only help your reputation.

3. Follow like-minded people and share, share, share

Find other people on Pinterest that share similar expertise and follow them – chances are if they share enough interests – they’ll follow back! This can also help inspire your boards and grow relationships with your followers.  Don’t forget to also share, create boards that show you’re interested in other nonprofits.


These nonprofits spice it up with how-to boards and do a great job of driving social change board by board.

National Wildlife Federation


The National Wildlife Federation aims to inspire and move Americans to connect with the outdoors and protect wildlife.

The National Wildlife Federation boasts 33 Boards, 1,401 Pins and 10,233 Followers. They do an incredibly job of linking the NWF’s mission with the Pinterest platform. NWF also uploaded a “Shop NWF” board which allows pinners to view and purchase products they’re selling online.

Charity: Water


Charity: Water is dedicated to providing clean and safe drinking water to people all around the world. On pinterest they provide a collection of products they love and ‘Photo of the Day’ a board dedicated to pictures of people who have been helped by charity:water’s work.



Grist is an online not-for-profit environmental magazine offering boards on sustainable recipes, street art and urban farming. 

Operation Smile


Operation smile helps children born with facial deformities with safe and free operations and support. We can peek into the operation room and the patient stories in their board “Our Story” and see before and after photos in “New Smiles!”. 

Nonprofits on Instagram

Here is a list of nonprofits on Instagram that you should definitely be keeping an eye on.



Keep A Breast


Show Hope


Nonprofits on Tumblr

There are enough nonprofits on Tumblr that there is a dedicated landing page on the site for active nonprofits on Tumblr. As one of the best platforms for visual blogging, and can help organizations find their younger demographic.

Must Follow Nonprofits on Tumblr

Charity Buzz


To Write Love On Her Arms


Survival International