Best Platforms for Online Fundraising

All nonprofits and social enterprises are searching for ways to effectively raise online interest and hopefully trigger donations and drive action. There are numerous tools and platforms available out in the expansive world wide web and a successful campaign will not only find the right tools but also engage supporters.

The impact of a campaign extends past the platforms and tools. Building an audience and fundraising is about telling a compelling story and creating a bond with that message. The more exciting and compelling the story, the further your cause will travel.

As a starting point, here are a few tips to increase the quality of your story:

Nurture & Cultivate

If you already have been discovered by a few intrigued followers, begin nurturing and cultivating the relationship. The ball is now in your court, how will you keep your follower connected to your cause?

Make sure that you are offering enough content to become a trustworthy and reliable source of information, and enough resources for followers to take action. At this stage individual contact is incredibly valuable and it is very important to remain considerate – do not spam. Create a connection with your follower; use social media platforms to generate one-on-one conversations. Keep them “in the know” of what’s going on within your company, let your hair down and get a little personal.

Offer variety and different choices

We all have different preferences in every aspect of life and this crosses over to how we communicate and how we donate. Some people prefer email over social media and others are constantly on their mobile devices. Make sure you are reaching as much of your audience as possible by providing a well rounded online presence. Continue this mentality of accommodation for your supporters – give them some different choices on how they can help you. Redcross and The World Wildlife Fund do an incredible job of providing variety.


Real people, real stories and raw emotions

To truly cultivate a relationship with one of your supporters, invite them to volunteer. Volunteering helps truly contextualize what your organization is doing. Recently the Associate of Fundraising Professionals revealed that supporters who had volunteered and put in time and effort – were far more likely to donate to the organization. For those who can’t put in the hours, or aren’t in the area – help them visualize the reality of your work by showcasing your donors and what they help accomplish online. Create videos and photos of your success stories and stories of the people your helping. Nonprofit Soles4Souls simply lists exactly what your donation will do. image

Thank your Donors

Do not forget to give your donors a proper thank you – not only should you thank your donor online but also offline. Send them a thank you note through the mail, or at least demonstrate your gratitude in an email that doesn’t simply look like a receipt.

Now that we’ve tackled some basic steps to creating a clean message, here are some sites specifically dedicated to fundraising.


Cause is embedded right within Facebook, allowing followers to easily search for charities that might connect with them and donate. And as a Nonprofit – if you already have a Facebook Page then setting up on Cause will very simple. Nonprofits can setup up fundraising campaigns – from classic donations to asking followers to join your cause, sign a petition, simply like your page, encourage followers to invite their friends or to share links.



The cool thing about Razoo is their widget that allows Nonprofits to take add the donation button to their site.

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