Identity Mapping

We create a unique consumer identity map for each customer and advocate across the social web by matching their email address to their profile on 100+ social networks.

  • Rich Social Profiles – Social matches of your customers on over 100 social networks include post frequency, Klout scores and demographic data
  • Influencer Identification – Who is passionate about your brand… and drives others’ choices

Audience Filtering

We aggregate this 3rd party data for the purpose of filtering posts against client specified Watched Terms to create new consumer segments.

  • Realtime Listening – Interactive dashboard shows trending topics, hashtags, videos, images
  • Market research – it's like a 24-7 customer focus group
  • Expert and industry tracking – spot trending topics, experts talking about your brand

Multi-Channel & Marketing Automation

We use the identity and audience insights as data fuel for behavioral segmentation to trigger real-time personalized touches or automated communications via email or social media.

  • Email list segmentation – by age, gender, social network usage, Klout topics, and more
  • Influencer engagement – Through identification of loyal customers and supporters who move opinion, we can target them individually
  • Social Marketing Automation – trigger campaigns based on social posts

Differentiated Digital Experiences

Each targeted segment, whether a segment of 25,000 or 1, receives a personalized experience. This experience creates highly-targeted opportunities for messages, promotions, and offers.

  • Personalized offers and promotions based on identified and track behavior
  • Loyalty marketing: Increasing frequency, recency and spend with your customer base
  • Win-back strategies/Waking the Dead campaigns: Enabling you to re-engage customers and prospects on a new level who have not returned to your site or responded to marketing recently

Each of these are integrated together to increase engagement and conversions, functioning as a true performance marketing engine.