Partner Program

Digital Agencies, PR firms, and Social Media Consultants

Are you advising your clients on best practices and products they can use to enhance their social media presence? Do you manage campaigns to engage their supporters and expand their network reach? can help drive engagement with your client’s campaigns by turning their existing supporters into advocates. We currently partner with more than 50 agencies because we add value to their clients’ digital campaigns while increasing the margins on those accounts.

By adding Attentively to your digital suite, you can:

  • Save time on “influencer” research by instantly floating up those who are already connected to your client (customers or email subscribers)
  • Back up your strategic recommendations with beautifully presented insights reports
  • Bake your strategic recommendations into Attentively — then we’ll send daily “influencer engagement” recommendations to your client
  • Use our social behavior data to segments by social mentions and see email conversions skyrocket

As a partner, we’ll also keep you up to date with our latest product updates, new offerings like our free match report and co-marketing opportunities.

Interested? We’d love to chat!