Automate Your “Ladder of Engagement” with Salsa Social CRM

If you work for a nonprofit organization, you’re probably familiar with the “ladder of engagement”. Asking supporters to do something easy at first, like signing a petition, may not have a huge immediate impact but is a good indicator that the person cares about a given issue. Over time, ask them to do increasingly bigger actions like making a phone call, attending an event, donating, etc.

While effective, implementing a true “ladder of engagement” can be challenging. How do you know you’re maximizing each supporter’s potential engagement? Salsa Social CRM helps ensure you don’t miss opportunities to make the “next” ask at just the moment when a given supporter has your issue top-of-mind.

As a first step, don’t miss opportunities to engage your organizations’ most vocal advocates. These are people mentioning you on their own time, to their own networks, often unsolicited. Here’s how you can use social automations to create a simple automated ladder of engagement for your top advocates:

1. Create a Watched Term for Twitter or Facebook mentions of [your organization] in Attentively. (Contact your Salsa account rep for more info about Attentively.)

2. With each supporter’s
first mention, add him/her to an “advocates” group in (i.e. [org]_fans1) and add this list to Salsa

  • Automation: Follow these supporters on Twitter.

3. With each supporter’s
second mention, add him/her to a new group in and Salsa to segment users by levels of engagement (i.e. [org]_fans2)

  • Automation: Send a “Thank You” email with a link to a free bumper sticker (include an email registration line, add to user’s contact information in Salsa)

4. With each supporter’s
third mention, add him/her to another new group (i.e. [org]_fans3) and then send to Salsa.

  • Automation: Send them an email with pre-created Tweets and Facebook posts for them to easily share with their networks

5. On their
fourth mention, ask these highly-engaged and informed supporters to become sustainers (monthly donors).

Campaign Automation

You can use the same process for specific campaigns. Campaigns tend to run for a limited time (such as a conference or petition collection) and use a specific hashtag or link. By tracking those, you can use them as triggers for follow-on asks.

Let’s look at an example using the recent Rootscamp conference.

1. Pick a hashtag to track: #roots13 in this case

2. Automate!

Set the Automation to …

  1. Follow supporters on Twitter:

  2. DM “Thanks” & link to get more involved,

  3. Send a short email asking them to keep tweeting (perhaps, say, with 3 embedded Tweets they could choose from)

  4. Add them to an group: #[hashtag] Advocates.

3. Set Up A Ladder

Now we can filter using this group to filter down to people who are interacting multiple times.

If someone in #Roots13 Advocates1 uses the hashtag again, then we are in a prime position to send them a higher ask, such as an email asking them to change their Twitter avatar to a campaign graphic or to donate to a cause.

Then, by adding them to a second group #roots13 Advocates2, we are able to tag them as higher activity users in We can also keep a list up to date in Salsa in the Automation.

Enjoy creating a ladder of engagement! Let us know if you’re excited about this new feature by tweeting us @attentive_ly.

This entry is a crosspost with our partner, Salsa Labs.