Case Study: Greenpeace Greece sees 70% increase in open rate & 6x click rate

Learn how Greenpeace Greece used to achieve a 70% increase in their open rate and 6 times their normal click rate.

Greenpeace Greece ran a campaign against the use of lignite in PPC stations – one of the dirtiest fuels in the world. They wanted people to know about the tons of toxic pollutants produced that burdened public health and cost the national economy. So they called for members to choose an energy revolution.

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Between June 4 to 19, 2013, Greenpeace Greece reached out to the segment of their list that had Klout scores of 35 or higher. Since matches social profiles and retrieves Klout scores, this information was easily found and exported.

They then asked their members to take action from a landing page which prompted them to share infographics on social media and to sign their support for clean, modern, and safe renewable energy.

Greenpeace Greece’s email open rates jumped by 170%, and they saw 6 times their normal clickthroughs. This campaign was an example of Greenpeace Greece’s ability to reach out to their list using 582 people were contacted, the 55 tweets that were generated reached an audience of over 78,000.


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