Celebrates Fifth Annual Mashable Social Media Day With Launch of Eloqua App

Today, people around the world are celebrating the digital revolution by taking part in Mashable’s fifth annual social media day. Mashable, the worlds leading social media community, with 15 million engaged fans, launched Social Media Day in 2010 as a way of bringing together people who share the same passion for everything digital. Across 255 communities worldwide people are celebrating with a Meetup, while millions more will be chatting with the hashtag #SMDAY.

We are marking this occasion with the launch of our Eloqua App, which gives Eloqua customers access to the first and only social media tool which is the first and only complete social marketing automation solution for enterprise organizations.

Platform (July 2014)

Most customers, up to 75%, would like to get personalized email content. Yet the way email marketing is still used means that 9 out of 10 emails go unopened, which represents a huge opportunity loss. This is because 70% of emails aren’t tailored for the various audience segments contained within the databases of most large brands.

With email carrying an ROI of $43 for every $1 spent, it is still the most effective direct marketing tool that exists, so why aren’t more brands embracing the personalized automated approach to campaigns?

Customers Needs Not Being Met

There are numerous email and CRM solutions on the market. Some trigger campaigns based on user activity (Hubspot, Marketo), others are classed as “Enterprise listening” software (Radian6, Sprout Social) which trigger campaigns based around key words. Others, known as Social CRMs (Lithium, Jive) provide information on static user profiles, not keywords or content. The rest, which try and bring those features together, are labor intensive and require a significant amount of training.

Unlike other solutions, is the first platform to truly integrate enterprise “listening” tools with real-time marketing automation to accurately target key Influencers and brand advocates with personalized messaging across email and social media.

Learn to Listen: With Our NEW Social Marketing Solution does that, which means you can trigger an automated multi-channel marketing campaign around when customers signal they are interested in your brand, products or services. Unlike other “social listening” plugins that just listen for key words, Attentively listens to key people: your customers. Our behavior platform identifies influencers, the top 5% of whom typically have a combined 68x greater than what you can find in your CRM. can be used as a stand alone application or a plug-and-play integration with popular CRMs and ESPs, including MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Salsa CRM, Luminate Online (Blackbaud), Eloqua, and many others. So far our behavior platform has identified over 6 million influencers and been used in hundreds of campaigns for over 125 brands.

Celebrate Social Media Day: #SMDAY

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 8.02.44 AM

The reason we are so excited about Social Media Day isn’t just our announcement launch of our Eloqua App, but the fact that this is a day when tens of thousands celebrate the importance of social media in all our lives.

That’s the point of social media: it isn’t, at the end of the day, about campaigns and marketing. It is about people, finding a new way to communicate. An easier way. One which is simpler, less intrusive than the phone, and more personal than email. Our solution takes value from listening to social “chatter” so that brands can engage on that same personal level, full of personality, while not being intrusive.

We hope you enjoy your #SMDAY


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