Are You a Social Media Star?

According to Harvard, only 12 percent of companies are doing social media right, which means the other 88 percent are taking up wall space in Siberia at the social media dance. So how do you take your social media strategy from wallflower to most popular? You take steps, six to be exact.

Check out Sure Shot Media’s free eBook below, “6 Ways to Get More From Social Media” and learn what you can do now to attract the right people, engage them in a genuine brand romance, inspire loyalty, and keep the relationships going through good times and bad.

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Sure Shot have uncovered what the 12 percenters are doing right, as well as a few things they may not have thought of yet. So download this fantastic free eBook and lace up your dancing shoes, because it’s time you cut footloose in the social media world.

This eBook is designed for busy marketing executives who aren’t Gen-Y’ers who want to avoid jumping on every “me too” bandwagon, or because their competitors are using similar strategies.

Here are six key takeaways from the eBook, which you can also download here.

Trying to get measurable ROI from social media is hard. This is because what’s “measurable” is of little value, so why bother striving to hit pointless targets? Likes, Re-tweets, Pins: you can’t nudge the bottom line on the basis of digital clicks. Clicks aren’t conversions.

Instead, angle your benchmarks towards creating quality relationships. Measure ‘positive responses (such as thank-you messages, encouraging comments, questions and shares),’ the eBook encourages – then exceed those targets which will actually help generate an ROI.

Want to be the coolest place people hangout on line? Do you want people to engage again and again? Then think of digital as if you had just opened the coolest new party venue in town. Be the host everyone wants to talk to: be alluring, engage, put out interesting things, listen, then respond.

One hundred and fifty Tweets is 21,000 characters. That’s about 10 pages of text. Or you could just attach an image. Tweets with images generate:

  • 150% more Re-Tweets
  • 89% more Favorites
  • 18% more click-throughs

Now, isn’t this better!

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This might sound counterintuitive, when it comes to social media, but our friends at Sure Shot know their stuff. Influencers aren’t as influential as we might imagine. It turns out that less than 9% of positive mentions come from those with social media Klout. People with under 500 followers are the source of 91% of mentions, so treat them like the VIPs they are.

Want to be really popular on social media? Stop brainstorming in yet another “strategy” meeting: go out and ask your customers. They are on social media, after all. Ask them: How can we best serve you on social media?

It worked for Bank of America. Their Keep The Change program resulted in  2.5 million new customers, 700,000 checking accounts and one-million savings accounts. All from asking customers, particularly their key target demographic, working women with children, what they wanted.

Global advertising agency, DDB, found that 46% of Americans will stop following brands if they hear from them too often. The best approach is to learn what your customers want to hear about, how often, and find the best way to engage them with content they want to consume.

Download the FREE eBook “6 Ways to Get More From Social Media” to find out more.

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