Create the Perfect Facebook Ad from Real Time Social Listening

Is Facebook still cool? Does the “cool question” even matter anymore? How deafening is silence from the so-called “silent majority”, or are they now the majority?

These are the questions that have been swirling around Facebook for the past couple years, and yet, it’s here to stay and stronger than ever according to the Pew Research Center. Facebook is like Wi-Fi: a near ubiquitous, almost essential, practically a utility for hundreds of millions around the world.

When it comes to brands and nonprofits, getting traction (likes, shares, clicks and conversions) is getting more difficult. Facebook wants to drive traffic to media companies and other content providers, but at the same time it wants to make sure those who run Pages pay for the privilege of engaging with their audience. Facebook now generates tens of billions in ad revenue, with Q3 for 2014 at $3.203 billion, beating Wall Street estimates.

However, generating revenue from Facebook is a whole other ball game. Advertisers now get access to more data than ever before with Audience Insights, but context is only part of the equation of a successful campaign. Knowing a percentage of your audience is passionate about your brand is one thing.

Leveraging that data at the right time, when they are talking about your brand, products, services, issues; based on keyword and sentiment analysis – that gives you an edge. This also means you can implement campaigns based on relevancy, using real-time social data. With the right calls to action and influencer strategies, you can amplify those ads even further.

Our free Quick Guide takes you through an 8-step process for creating and launching the perfect Facebook Ad campaign and getting in front of the right audience.

Create-Perfect-FB-Ads-Small-v2-5vovd Download our Free Quick Guide for creating the perfect Facebook Ads. Get started on our handy, easy to use 8-step guide for launching the perfect high converting Facebook Ad campaign. drives engagement with your campaigns by turning your existing audience into advocates. Request a Free Demo to find out how you can turn your audience into engaged online advocates.

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