6 Channels That Influence Customer Spend: RFM In A Multi-Channel World

We all want our customers to spend more. That’s the whole purpose behind sales and marketing. The more you know about your customers, whether through segmentation, RFM and highlighting personas within the database, the more likely you can increase conversion rates.


There are numerous ways to get in contact with your customers:

  • Email (still the most effective)

  • Social Media

  • Mobile

  • Advertising (online, mobile, social)

  • Print

  • Multi-media

What you should be hoping to find is what is the most effective channel, or combination of channels, for your various audiences and your RFM value segments.

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You might be thinking, “Ok, great – so I just need to send out different marketing assets and see what works?” Not quite. Remember, customers can have between 5 and 23 touch points before making a purchase. Not only that, but those touch points normally happen after, not before, they have considered buying.

Each channel is a touch point on the buyers journey. The more closely aligned your campaign materials is to the buyers actual personality, the history they have with your brand and what they want (all marketing should aspire to be aspirational), the quicker you accelerate an actual purchase.

However, you won’t accelerate any customer journey without talking to customers. Taking the Lean approach is the best way to keep costs low. Test, test and test again. The aim is to find out as much as possible in the shortest timescale, so that you aren’t blowing holes through budgets on new marketing materials which could alienate segments of your audience.

Find what works, depending on audience segments and then, which channel they prefer. This way you’ll begin to have a much better relationship with your customers and have an improved dialogue with them.

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