5 Ways To Revive Prospects

A list of leads is a potential revenue gold mine. The problem with potential is it either has to be fulfilled or it goes to waste. No matter how good your list is, it comes down to what you do with it, in order to get the best return from your database.

Well meaning intentions and great plans can result in hundreds of “strategic planning” hours spent on well worded documents and emails, none of which helps the bottom line. Then the next quarter rolls around and you wonder why your boss is asking where the results went from the last quarter.

But don’t despair!

Those lofty ambitions can still be achieved, if you take positive steps forward. After all, why waste time getting a list of prospects if you aren’t going to do something with the information?

Try taking the following steps if you have an email list which has gone cold.

1. Give them a blanket and some hot chocolate: Warm them up first.

The first email shouldn’t be sales based, it needs to be generic, “Hi, I know we’ve not spoke in a while”, which is good to acknowledge, since you both know you’ve not spoke in a while, “how are you doing?” That’s it. Just reminding them who you are and how you have their email.

Anticipate a high unsubscribe and bounce rate on this kind of email, which is fine, since they’re the prospects who aren’t really prospects. Just an email you used to know.

2. Keep up the conversation. But be realistic.

Now you’ve narrowed down the list to a smaller, more manageable group you can concentrate on taking them through a new buyer journey.

Don’t rush into trying to throw at them every element of your content marketing mix, or developing whole new content around these prospects. And at all costs stay clear of hinting at all those grand plans you had for giving them content which you wanted to do, but had no time for previously. Take it steady. Give them realistic expectations for how and when you will be in contact.


Why does 86% of email go unread? Think back to the last email you received that was irrelevant to you. Did you read it to the end? Check out this Case Study on how to re-capture your audience’s attention in your own campaigns.


3. Blasting hot air doesn’t warm people up.

After a few emails you might start wondering where the influx of new prospects is. They should be calling all hours, a line should be stood around the door, surely?!

This depends on what you are saying. Hitting them with sales copy with urgent calls to action won’t often result in sales. Instead focus on giving them engaging useful information which makes them anticipate your next email, or read your blog, interact on social networks, and they themselves will reach out and make contact.

4. Take an interest.

You have their email, but what else do you know? Can you personalize content so that your customer feels more valued? Combine that with more valuable content and you are more likely to get warmer prospects.

5. Find out when is a good time for them.

The problem with every customer being unique is their timescales won’t always suit yours. Find out when they might be interested. Use that information to plan ahead, putting them into the relevant sales funnel and content cycle which will keep you on their minds without it being intrusive.

With these more realistic, more manageable strategies in place you will be able to keep prospects at the right temperature, so that no list needs to go cold again.

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