5 Things to Do Today with Attentive.ly – Quick Hits


With any awesome social listening tool like Attentive.ly, deciding who to engage first or how to use the platform to its fullest potential can be confusing. We’ve created a list of the 10 best actions you can take using Attentive.ly to put all of your social media and email marketing worries at ease.

Take a look these 5 Quick Hits and try them out today with your organization’s unique touch to make them incredibly engaging for your members and influencers. Check back tomorrow for the remaining 5 tips!

image Send a social “kicker”

A generic email campaign blast isn’t enough anymore. Punch in a search from the Dashboard and find your members already talking about your campaign. Then send a “kicker” email to those members with suggested tweets or Facebook photos to share to multiply your reach and virality.

image Amplify accurately

Target your Facebook ads to your high-Klout members on Facebook. You’ll be spending your advertising dollars better by betting on a group that’s more likely to both share your content and have it be shared by their audiences.

image Follow influencers

There are many ways to measure a person’s social media influence. We use Klout as a common measure. Click on Recommendations to easily follow your high-Klout users and engage them when they mentioned your Watched Terms. These are great first steps towards engaging your influencers to become your most powerful evangelists online.

image Get beautiful stats

We turn your email list into a beautiful infographic. Check out the Stats page to understand your audience at a glance. You’ll find their age, gender, social networks they’re on, when they post on Twitter/Facebook most often, and more.

image Start using bit.ly

Why? It shortens URLs, tracks them and shows you where and how people are clicking on your content. This insight is crucial for refining campaign tactics to find the best time of day and type of content to share with your members. Note: We’ll be adding bit.ly link shortening into Attentive.ly soon!

Tip: Put a + at the end of any bit.ly link to get quick stats!