5 Things to Do Today with Attentive.ly – Daily Habits

Yesterday, we shared our first 5 tips for taking quick action with Attentive.ly. The remaining 5 tips are daily action habits that, with a little bit of work and persistence, can help you target influencers and turn them into brand evangelists.

image Engage your VIPs

Find the top 25-50 users on your Members list and reach out to them individually. Providing these bloggers, journalists and social media influencers with content to share can drive hundreds of clicks and reach huge new audiences.

image Listen intelligently

Find the top content of the day to drive your marketing language. Monitor top terms, hashtags, videos and images being used by your members for popular, shareable content.

image ID social segments

Go where your members are. Facebook? Email them photos and infographics. Twitter? Create a campaign hashtag to engage with. You’re far more likely to get a response when your content is relevant and easily shareable for them. Here are 9 ideas how.

image Track your progress

Create Watched Terms to track your members’ conversations relevant to your organization and campaigns. Find out what they’re saying on Twitter and Facebook and respond to them in real time.

You can use OR to join terms, – to exclude terms, and “quotes” to search for multi-word terms. For example: oceana OR “marine wildlife” OR “sea turtles” or dolphins -krill will search user posts for Oceana, marine wildlife, sea turtles, and dolphins but not krill.

image Get your voice out

Find out what your list cares about and launch a Twitter Q&A to join the conversation. It could be a member of your organization engaging users or a special guest that you invite. Search Attentive.ly for people already talking about related topics and invite them directly via Twitter and email.