5 Things To Do for Non-Profit Organizations – Part 3

Today’s final post in our “Attentive.ly for Nonprofit” series (psst: here are part 1 and part 2) touches on five great engagement tactics your organization can practice over the course of a month.

Engage audience via Twitter Q&A

Invite a special guest to live tweet during a Q&A about a hot topic related to your organization. You can promote this event via email to your Twitter influencers that Attentive.ly identifies. Create excitement around your Q&A by allowing participants qualify for an award by using your event-specific hashtag. Be sure to start promoting early on and amp up your reminders to folks as the event gets closer!

Rally around an upcoming event

Is there regional or national momentum building around your organization’s overall mission? Find an exciting, upcoming event — whether it’s a pending court ruling, or a protest — and ask your active Twitter users to tweet at a particular time to spread massive awareness. Send your influencers suggested tweets using a specific hashtag and encourage them to follow the growing momentum.

Amplify accurately

If you target Facebook ads, make sure you’re sending them to your high-Klout supporters. You’ll be spending your advertising dollars better by betting on a group that’s more likely to both share and be shared. Alternatively, try targeting versions of an ad based on what those users are talking about on Twitter and Facebook. Compare your current Facebook ad click-through rates to these tactics after a month-long trial period.

Send a “social” kicker

What happens after you launch an email campaign? You could sit back, or you could go find members on your list already who are already talking, and multiply your reach by sending them shareable content. Just punch in a search from your Dashboard. Then send a “kicker” email to everyone talking about that topic on Twitter with suggested Tweets and send Facebook users shareable images or links.

Use bit.ly links

Keep track of click-through rates and track your progress each week using bitly’s URL shortener. At the end of month, explore bitly’s analytic features and determine the most popular types of content people engaged with and the best time of day to share links to guide your future campaigns.