5 Things To Do for Non-Profit Organizations – Part 2

In the second part of our series on how Attentive.ly can help your non-profit organization engage with your community, we talk about fan-raisers, calls to action, and other ways to reach out.

Facebook Fan-raiser

Reach out to an existing donor to pledge $1 for every new “Like” your Page gets in a set time period. Then send an email blast to your supporters for whom we found a Facebook match, asking them to “Like” your Page, and to invite their friends with similar interests to do the same.

Call-to-Action Emails for Specific Social Platforms

Send targeted emails to your supporters on each social network with content specifically crafted for that audience. For example, provide Facebook users with photos, infographics or videos to maximize sharing. Rally your influencers on Twitter to promote your organization with suggested Tweets. Find your LinkedIn influencers and invite them to a networking event hosted by your organization. The more relevant the content is to your supporter, the more likely they will share it with their own networks.

Take Recommended Actions Daily

People always love a simple, “Thank you” on social media from organizations because it shows that you’re human, and not just an institution. Be sure to look at the Recommendations tab on a daily basis to thank your influencers when they mention your organization, follow supporters talking about your Watched Terms and join in on their conversations.

Learn from Trending Content Among Members

Scan the most popular hashtags, links, photos and videos shared by your members every day to see what they are talking about this week. This valuable insight is great for shaping your marketing language to better align with their interests, and can also be used as popular, shareable content.

Write to top-Klout influencers

Have your organization’s Executive Director write a personal note to your top 25 influential members this week, letting them know how much you value their support and commitment to your mission. Provide these VIPs with sample content to share with their networks or a sneak preview to an upcoming campaign. In return, a single Retweet or photo shared by them can take your organization’s message to wide, new audiences that you wouldn’t have been able to access otherwise.