5 Things To Do for Non-Profit Organizations – Part 1

Get your non-profit community engaged using Attentive.ly! In this post, we give you five quick ways to get up and running.

Connect your Twitter account

Attentive.ly can save you a lot of time switching back and forth from multiple browser tabs. Be sure to connect your Twitter account inside Attentive.ly so you can follow, respond and direct message supporters without having to leave your account.

Set up Watched Terms

Keep an eye on major keywords and phrases that are relevant to your organization’s work and mission. Find out when your list is talking about them on Twitter and Facebook, and respond in real time. Feel free to change your watched terms often to find the ones that best help your organization to engage attentively.

Follow the top 25-50 influencers on your email list

Check out your Members list and see if you’re currently following your supporters with the highest Klout scores. These VIPs are your go-to people for sharing your content, driving hundreds of clicks and increasing the reach of your message within their audiences.

Stats at a Glance

Learn more about your supporters by checking out the Stats page. Our beautiful infographic will show you their age, gender, social networks they’re active on and more. These stats can help strategically align campaign tactics for maximum supporter engagement.

Engage Supporters By Social Networks

Discover which supporters are on Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn and 105 other social networks. This insight can help increase click-through rates by sending your Facebook supporters optimized photos and videos to share, or your Twitter supporters suggested tweets. You can easily export this data to a CSV file for easy access when launching future campaigns.