3 (Big) Quick Wins with Salsa’s Social Automations

Last month, we talked about using Salsa’s new Social CRM “automation” feature (powered by Attentive.ly) to send highly personalized communications with very little time.

In the big picture, what’s possible today with Salsa’s platform & Attentive.ly’s social data is:

  1. Understand your base better. What do they love? What are they talking about right now?
  2. Self-Segment your list based on their interests and influence. That includes…
  3. What they’re talking about on Facebook
  4. If they’ve mentioned @you on Twitter
  5. Whether they use Pinterest or Twitter
  6. Their Klout (influencer) score
  7. Age and gender, location, occupation
  8. Automate personalized email and social messaging – so when a Salsa contact mentions your campaign, you can DM or email a “thanks” and invite them to make a donation.

If you’re wondering where to begin…

Here are 3 Quick Wins with “Salsa Social Automation”:

1. Spot & Engage “Social Advocates”

The people in your Salsa database who choose to publicly talk about how much they love your organization or campaign — these are your best advocates. It’s one thing to click through to a petition that you’ve emailed and click to sign. But it’s quite another to craft a Facebook post or Tweet to share your campaign with their own friends and family.

Design a simple, elegant program to capture those mentions and engage those top advocates. You will have a positive long term impact on your organization’s ability to spread the word about your cause beyond your existing base. Here’s how to do it in 15 min or less:

  1. Log into Attentive.ly – contact your Salsa account rep to add Attentive.ly to your package if you haven’t already.
  2. Set up a Watched Term for your organization – catch Twitter or Facebook mentions, e.g. “Full Org Name” or @OrgName
  3. Automate all of these follow-up actions –
  4. Follow on Twitter – When a member mentions @OrgName, follow them
  5. Add to Salsa – Keep an up-to-date “advocates” list in Salsa – hands-free
  6. Email “thanks” – Offer them a freebie or ask for a donation – get them involved
  7. DM “thanks” – DM your contact info, how to join a local chapter – the next ask

Here’s what Social Automations look like in Attentive.ly 3. Here’s what Social Automations look like in Attentive.ly

Once Automated, your Salsa “social advocates” list will stay updated 3.a. Once Automated, your Salsa “social advocates” list will stay updated

In the future, consider asking these “advocates” to…

  1. Twitter: RT your campaign messages
  2. Facebook: Share videos and infographics
  3. Big push: change their avatar to a campaign logo
  4. Local: help publicize local events, petition deliveries, fundraisers
  5. And much more!

2. Drive Targeted Drip-Campaigns (3x-6x response)

Recent studies have shown that segmenting your email list based on interests and demographics can lead to a 244% increase in email opens, 161% increase in click through, and a 330% increase in revenue per mailing. Who doesn’t want those kinds of results?

The trouble with segmentation is that on any given day, the segment most interested in a given topic may be too small to bother writing an email just for them. That’s why we created Social Automations — so you can set up a targeted email and let it run in the background for days, weeks, or months. When a particular member expresses interest in that topic, BOOM, that email gets sent to them. Here’s how it works:

  1. Set up a Watched Term for a topic
  2. e.g. “’Giving Tuesday’ OR #givingtuesday”
  3. e.g. “‘climate change’ OR ‘extreme weather’ OR ‘global warming’ -sunny”
  4. Automate all of these follow-up actions:
  5. Follow Them on Twitter – can limit to follow just influencers
  6. Add Them to a Salsa Group – e.g. “climate_social_advocates”
  7. Email or DM – Keep 5-7 evergreen asks, incl. fundraisers, constantly running

Setting up Automated Direct Message in Attentive.ly For shorter campaigns, set up a DM, e.g. “Attend our webinar”

3. Automate List Segmentation

Many organizations plan campaigns months or years ahead. In those cases, you know you’re going to need to rally your best supporters around a particular cause 6 or 12 months down the road… but you don’t have any content ready yet.

You can start laying the groundwork now for a big launch now by setting up automated list segmentation. Whenever someone mentions that cause, pop them into a Salsa group — that you can activate later.

  1. Set up a Watched Term for your future campaign – e.g. “healthcare or obamacare or “affordable care act” or aca or healthcare.gov”
  2. Filter by network – limit to just Facebook posts
  3. Automate: Add to a Salsa Group – e.g. “aca_Facebook_advocates”
  4. Filter by network again – limit to just Tweets
  5. Automate: Add to a Salsa Group – e.g. “aca_Twitter_advocates”

When you’re ready to launch, send the main ask to your full list — then push out Facebook content to the Facebook list, Tweets to the Twitter list, etc. Max impact, min effort.

Group or Keyword Results in Attentive.ly

None of these “quick wins” should take more than 5 min to set up after you have your content prepared. And we’re always happy to help you get rolling. Contact your Salsa account rep today.

This was featured as a guest post on the blog of our partner, Salsa Labs.